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re-putting forth effort

I find myself in Delhi and Kerem is sitting to my left doing what he does best.  My butthole is on fire from the compromised-immune-system-consequence post 26-hour bus ride from Kathmandu to Varanasi.  As in I think I got a stomach virus and I shat more in 5 days than most people shit in their entire lifetime.

So I will try to use this more as I become more and more professional.  And to keep in touch with my good ol’ folks, brothers, and extended family, friends, and so on and so forth.

So in my world tour of laziness I have thus far ventured into three capital cities (Colombo, Delhi, Kathmandu) and will take a flight in just 4 days to Moscow, where I will sit for 22 hours waiting for a flight to Sofia, Bulgaria, where I will be trained in the Cambridge CELTA certification course.

After that’s done (by the very beginning of December), I’ll have two to three weeks to burn (I think) living on the cheap somewhere in Europe—somewhere ideal for a flight to Beijing.  But I will see a snippet of Europe, cool.

Then, yeah.  Beijing—I plan to live there for a year starting in January.  Wish me luck. I’ll be teaching English trying to save some money, gaining experience and practicing my tongue at Mandarin.

This is a very legitimate, clean, nearly pure update on my current life situation.

P.S. Varanasi/Kasi/etc. was enchanting, astounding, etc. (see below)

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obviously angry, with an itch in my groin as I run out of ideas to write about. my teeth are yellowing and the enamel is wearing down to the ground where it will meet with the in-itself cavity nature of the very possitibility of its being as an object of wear and tear and detriment, deprecating until my ballsack meets it in the deterioration of my bodily faculties experienced in a gravesite or even in the moment of existence that breeds a pestulent interdependence.

grammar check?

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For fuck’s sake: I am cleaning my room, gutting it out and renewing. I hope to create a rejuvenating atmosphere that will accentuate my strong will and good nature. Probably, at some point, the environment will spark a love interest and result in a night of subjugated sexual practices.

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what that said, again and again. i am so lazy as to not capitalize myself. that is a good allegory, if it’s anything at all. anyhow, obviously there is a hint of dejection hidden deep inside of these words and these pixels. it is the fact that they are such, minute. etc. tired, especially as it is night. high, especially from at least five blunts. but I got fifty dollars in the mail and I get to go grocery shopping tomorrow. look, here comes the confidence to capitalize again; but wait, it is dependent upon the funding of a distant source, a poor mother.